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My name is Sofia Pelaez

When life gets difficult, it can be challenging to reach out for help. You deserve a space to be seen and validated. It’s my honor to bring warmth and support to your healing journey.​ I have over 12 years of experience practicing therapy, and I provide a client-centered approach grounded in safety and empathy. By working collaboratively, we can explore your challenges, develop strategies to navigate them, and build upon your innate strengths to help you achieve your goals. Together, we can create a warm and supportive space for reflection, healing, and growth.

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Online Booking 

Let's connect for a free 15-30 minute consultation.

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My Approach

  • I’m committed to practicing therapy in a way that takes into account the nuances of your experiences and values.

  • My approach is collaborative, trauma-informed, and affirming of all.

  • I welcome neurodiversity, queerness, intersectionality and body positivity in my practice.

  • I specialize in ADHD and trauma.

  • I work with youth, adults, and families.

  • También ofrezco terapia en español (I also provide therapy in Spanish)



​I’m excited to witness you as you begin to flourish.

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